Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Maybe I got stupid?

You know how everyone's pet peeve is "stupid people?" And how everyone (I use the term loosely here) is always talking about how great it would be if all the "stupid people" died or (more commonly) if no one stupid was allowed to have babies so there wouldn't be any new "stupid people?"

I've stopped thinking stupid people are the problem. I leave them alone, they leave me alone. Since we can't live without our scapegoats, I now think that maybe pollution is the problem or that how cowed everyone is by the culture wars is the problem, or that bureaucracy is the problem, and how every thing would be a lot better if I ruled a quasi-libertarian island nation of my own with a constituional monarchy and I was the queen of it. Well, that one island would be better off anyway.

My imaginary crown is really pretty.

We all learned in Psych 101 that if, when dealing with a nuerotic person, you take away what seems to be the problem causing the neurosis, then the patient goes crazier because the neurosis was like glue holding the person together - take it away and the REAL problems underneath start showing.

I think that in America we don't want to see our real problems so much. All the Wrongness gets plastered onto the "stupid people" and/or maybe people wearing top hats.
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