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Confessions on the Internet

1. Sometimes when I am sad or blue, I google up pictures of kittens to cheer myself up:


2. I actually read and enjoyed a copy of Good Housekeeping at the gym today. I didn't run out and buy any mom-jeans, but I got some great holiday Christmas decorating ideas. Also, that Reese Witherspoon (the cover model) sure is old-fashioned and Middle American! (Or rather maybe she worked with her publicist on how to appear so.) She doesn't let her little girl show her belly button and she likes her mac'n'cheese out of the box! She also appreciates good parking spaces and a nice buffet dinner. (Bonus confession: I don't really read celebrity gossip, except when I do.)

Ironically, I read this in a non-ironic way today.

3. I really like mac 'n' cheese, even if I have to have mac and soy cheeze because cheese gives me headaches. Maybe I'll get a box of Amy's soon.

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