Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

I forgot to tell this story at the time so I will tell it now.

A couple of Sunday afternoons ago I was at the Cala Supermarket looking for eggs to make cookies with. It was crowded, and the store shelves were nearly cleaned out and people were getting a little cranky trying to prepare for their workweeks during the busy pre-holiday season.

An older man and a thirtyish woman, who looked as if she was probably his daughter, were parked in front of the egg display, blocking the way. He was going over the different advantages of the various kinds of eggs - large vs extra large vs jumbo, regular vs organic vs fertile vs brown vs that brand that advertises about Omega 3 oils, store brand vs name brand vs local, and suggested the ideal eggs for her needs. She was looking in his eyes with an expression of patience and love, gently letting him "help" her shop.

This all took a little while, and as he was handing her the "perfect carton" another man, about fiftysomething, pushed his cart to the egg display. He initially looked rather impatient as he came up, it felt as if he was about to brusquely excuse himself to reach the shelves. I managed to catch his eye and look meaningfully at the pair and met his eyes again. He caught on to what was happening and we watched the old man and his daughter walk away and shared a smile between ourselves.

Meanwhile, on the supermarket loudspeakers, John Mayer was crooning, "...Fathers be good to your daughters/Daughters will love like you do..."

The rest of my day felt really good. And the cookies were delicious.
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